Our Kickstarter is live!

Woo! We did it! Our Kickstarter is alive!


We’ve already invested a ton of our own money into this and we’re asking for a bit more to get it to the playa and back. If you can help at all, please do so, we would sincerely appreciate it.

As for the structure… we’re very nearly done with preliminary construction, and believe us… it looks pretty damn good! We still have to do some final safety checks on the main structure and then we can get started on the fun part: decorating! We’re going to keep the construction photos close to the chest for now as we don’t want to spoil anything, but we’ll be posting some updates here and there.

Thanks to everyone who’s keeping track of this project so far. We’re thrilled to share it with you on the playa and we hope you’re excited to see it too.

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