Build Update No. 2

Hey! We’re back with another Catmandu construction update.

Last week we finished the big second story platform. You can see it in the below picture… it’s the big wooden thing. It’ll sit about 10 feet above the playa, atop three support platforms. Three support platforms that we just so happen to be building today! Huzzah!

Measuring, cutting, and getting things ready:

Photo Mar 03, 1 36 56 PM


And then, if by magic…

Photo Mar 03, 6 11 28 PM


The supports have risen!

What you’re seeing is more or less upside down. The supports will be turned ¬†over, with the four posts you see sticking into the air resting on the playa. The second story platform (again, big wooden thing) will rest on top of these supports.

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