The People

Who are we?

A group of friends and dirty, dirty burners from San Francisco. Combined, the founding members of Catmandu have more than 40 trips to the playa under our collective belt. We’re made up of artists, musicians, DJs, contractors, computer nerds, climbers, bike riders, and mimosa enthusiasts.

2013 will be Catmandu’s inaugural year on the playa, but we’re drawing on quite a bit of experience. Many of us are veterans of the Janky Barge¬†art car. We’ve thrown parties, installed soundsystems, designed and built art installations, run board meetings, and at least one of us can land a kickflip.

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  1. Hi my name is John and I am from camp Cats!Cats!Cats! I met a guy on Catmandu, I think his name was John? I was going to follow up with him as a fellow ‘cat on the playa’ so to speak. Is this the right place? Do you know him? Can you have him send me an email?? Thanks!!! JB

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