The Project

A giant takeout box delivering hot tasty dumplings, rescuing poor party animals from dry playa food at Burning Man ’17.

At the Catmandu Culinary Institute, we are building a giant Chinese take-out container to share the dumpling love at Burning Man 2017. Burners traveling past this art installation late at night will discover a functional kitchen serving actual Chinese food! We plan to cook thousands of dumplings to feed helpless burners every night. At the end of the week we will celebrate the life-affirming power of delivering delicious dumplings by burning the entire structure in a dumpling-pyre. The more money we raise, the more food we will be able to serve. BONUS: Our chopsticks will throw flames.

We need your help to create the many amazing features of this structure and to transport, refrigerate, cook, and serve thousands of dumplings. This includes:

  • Flame effects on the ends of the chopsticks 18 feet above the playa to alert Burners that dumplings are “hot and ready”
  • Building materials to construct and reinforce the structure against harsh playa conditions
  • Transportation of building materials, cooking supplies, and the food
  • Refrigeration of thousands of dumplings throughout the week
  • Thousands and thousands of dumplings
  • Custom made snarky fortune cookies


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